Children with sponsor photos

Another life-changing event for the children of Soa Chiefdom

By: Sia Nana Jones – Communications Officer World Vision Sierra Leone.

Chosen can be a reminder of God’s love like it was for Tamba. In Manjama, in the Soa Chiefdom of Kono District in Eastern Sierra Leone, children were given the power of choice at the second World Vision (Sierra Leone and Netherlands offices) Chosen™ event.

After a long drive from Manjama town to the Roman Catholic Primary school compound, we alighted our vehicle to what is considered a joy-filled moment. Tamba and many other children and their families were dancing and singing songs of hope in their native tongue (Kono). The notion that “some kids wait years to be chosen by a sponsor” resonates well with Tamba who has always been aspiring to be chosen by a sponsor.

At the last Chosen event, I was so happy to see my friends going to the booth to choose their friends and I have been praying for this opportunity.  I feel very anxious to be given the same opportunity today because there are beautiful faces with Godly hearts to help us achieve our dreams. I want to thank God for this opportunity. I feel so happy that I have chosen a sponsor and I know my dreams of becoming the president of Sierra Leone will be a reality someday.

Tamba holding the photo of his sponsor
Tamba beaming smiles after making his choice 


For Doris, a little girl who has just turned 10 years old, choosing a sponsor was more like choosing a new set of parents to share her life experience with.

I am more than excited because before this time, they were the ones who chooses us and that makes me feel not competent, smart, beautiful, or lucky enough to be chosen by any sponsor but today, we are the ones choosing them.

Doris displaying her sponsor
Doris holding up her chosen photo

This was how days, and months, of dreaming and praying for Tamba, Doris, and their 61 colleagues who had hoped to confidently walk through the aisles with anticipation to choose a sponsor became a reality.

Manjama village witnessed the jubilation of a lifetime for the second time according to the Paramount Chief of Soa Chiefdom, Chief Foryoh. In his address, he thanked World Vision for the initiative and for allowing his people to participate in what he called “a never-to-be-forgotten “experience for the children of Soa Chiefdom in Kono District. World Vision Sierra Leone is an incredible institution and having them in my chiefdom enhances my prestige amongst others; their developmental activities are sustainable and visible”. 

Grace Kargbo, Integrated Programs Director for World Vision in Sierra Leone, echoes the event to have been a dream come true for children in the area. She applauds the community people for supporting the event.

 “We feel fulfilled being used as an instrument of Jesus Christ to put smiles on the faces of our children. The Paramount chief and his entire council have been of great support; having them grace this occasion makes us feel secure. They have the right to reject our operations in their chiefdom. I pray this event will create room for many more such events in the future”. 

With so much happiness, Grace also thanked the people and staff of World Vision's Netherlands Office for being supportive to the extent of sending three of their staffs’ Cynthia Hogeveen, Carina Koerting, and Hendrina to witness the life-changing event which makes it more unique.

Singing and dancing by grateful parents, children and staff climaxed the event.

With the Chosen™ initiative, World Vision believes that children getting to choose their sponsors doesn’t just change a child’s life—it can change sponsors too. The simple statement “I choose you” can be a powerful reflection of God’s love that has far-reaching effects on both sides. The Chosen™ movement acknowledges that God chooses to love each of us ... and that we can all live to our purpose when children are empowered to create lasting change.