Wednesday, March 6, 2019
If I could be reborn, I would choose again to be a woman
By: Carolina Santos Segundo When I was a little girl, it was hard to understand hierarchies, gender roles, and macho ideologies that want to confine women to stay at home, to the care of children, sick relatives, animals and the fields.  Childhood is one of the stages of life where innocence in the face of these issues allows you to be free until family and the community cut your wings. They realize that it is necessary to teach you consciously or unconsciously the way of thinking, being and living in a traditionally correct way.
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Literacy is a foundation of learning and builds sustainable development
September 8 marks the 50th International Literacy Day, a day that reminds us all of the importance of literacy as a human right and a foundation for learning. While literacy levels in Laos have improved steadily in recent years, some key challenges still remain in ensuring that everyone has the literacy skills that will allow them to fully participate in the development of their community and country.  According to the most recent Lao Social Indicator Survey, three key issues affect literacy levels in Laos: ethnicity, gender, and location.
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September 8th 2016
A shining pearl
A single cow can change an entire household, transforming their frustration and suffering into optimism in just a few years. With new hope, Mukta Akter’s family is a bright example of such rapid change.Although a brilliant student, the 12-year-old considered high school a luxury.Although a brilliant student, the 12-year-old considered high school as a luxury. Given her father’s low income as the village’s tailor, paying for school for his three daughters and two sons all at once was a huge challenge.
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November 25th 2015
School journey: Follow Sarvan through India's Thar Desert
Story and Photos by Daniel Mung, Communications, World Vision India“I get up at 5am every morning, fetch water from our well, and take a bath."Sarvan, 10, is in sixth grade and lives in a small hamlet with only 40 other families. There are no accessible roads to their hamlet."I eat breakfast and head off for school which is about one and half hours walk from my home." He is eating a usual typical breakfast of Bajra roti [Indian flat bread made from millet] with milk.
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August 27th 2015
Improving access to education
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September 30th 2014
Preschool education matters
Every day in my job as a World Vision communicator I cannot help but worry when I see the big challenges that my country faces.Can you imagine that in El Salvador only 55 percent of children have access to preschool education? This means that most of them enter first grade not knowing basic things as their ABC’s or even how to hold a pencil…this means their chances to dropout school in first grade are pretty high. Then, I think about my life and my beloved four-and-a-half-year-old son Marquitos, who is blessed enough to start preschool next year. 
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December 2nd 2013
Let the flowers bloom
Globally 7 out of 10 school going children reach the primary education without receiving the minimum efficiency on reading. World Vision Bangladesh has taken up this challenge to help the children in Bangladesh to become the professional readers by the end of their primary school study.  World Vision introduced a tool for reading assessment at school which is called STAR means School Based Test About Reading which also being introduced in mobile app. 
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July 8th 2019