Monday, June 20, 2016
Worst drought in 90 years hits Vietnam - World Vision is there to assist
El Niño has hit hard in Vietnam. One million people are in need of urgent food assistance and two million lacking access to drinking water. The country's worst drought in 90 years coupled with seawater intrusion into the Mekong River delta have destroyed fruit, rice and sugar crops - over 400,000 hectares of crops have been lost.
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Youth believing in a hunger free world
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October 16th 2014
1,079 farmers in Sudan’s Blue Nile State celebrate bountiful harvest on Farmers’ Field Day
By Cecil Laguardia, Communications ManagerThree years ago, World Vision launched the Small Scale Agricultural Productivity Project funded by the European Union (EU) in Sudan’s Blue Nile State. World Vision implemented this project partnering with Charity Organization for Rehabilitation and Development (CORD), the local partner with the support of Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC), the Blue Nile State Governor, the State Miniter of Agriculture and the Roseires Commissioner.
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November 14th 2018
Cooking nutritious food for South Sudan's children
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October 15th 2018
South Sudan’s fishermen who fish together stay inspired and flourish together
John Gieth Piat, 39, was smiling from ear to ear. The day has been very productive and the catch from River Nile was aplenty. There were a lot of catfish, tilapia and mudfish. The lead fisherman of the group composed of the displaced living in Dengthoma Camp, John started with one canoe sharing it with his neighbours.When World Vision began supporting them with one more canoe, fishing nets and some equipment such as twines and hooks, they worked hard together until they were able to add three more canoes.
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August 30th 2018