Monday, November 16, 2015
Syrian refugees wait to start their lives again
Adasevci, SERBIA  – Looking at Fahad Tabuck’s face, it’s hard not to notice the combination of exhaustion, frustration and despair that seems permanently etched into his expression. The 38-year-old Syrian refugee looks at least a decade older, having spent the past two years fleeing from his home in Syria with his wife and five children.
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Refugees find shelter in abandoned buildings in Serbia
Yazdan, at 7 months old, knows that he’s adored. He smiles and melts the hearts of everyone around him. His mother, Balnafshan, 27, cuddles, feeds, and diapers him, wipes his face and hands with a wet wipe, and lays him down to sleep in a tent. As she rubs his back and he falls asleep, it’s as if the light fades from her face.This is what her life has come to: a tent on a concrete pad under a rusted shed roof at an abandoned brick factory in a country – Serbia – that a few weeks ago she hardly knew existed.
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October 2nd 2015
Nur's Journey | Documentary Film
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June 18th 2019
Something to smile—and sing—about: child-friendly spaces for Rohingya refugees
Sanjida, 10, is one of 450,000 Rohingya children living in the world’s largest refugee camp located in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Fleeing violence that erupted in Myanmar in August 2017, Sanjida and her mother, Hamida walked for 15 days to reach safety. Sanjida’s father was killed on the journey. Adjusting to life in the refugee camp has been difficult. But Sanjida has reason to smile now; she has hope for a better future. 
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February 24th 2019
Human Rights Day: Rohingya refugee children campaign for protection from violence
Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh (10 December 2018)—Rohingya children living in the world’s largest refugee camp called today for an end to the routine violence and exploitation that they face—including in their own homes. Lacking official refugee status in Bangladesh, they are particularly vulnerable to abuse, trafficking and child marriage. Children are urging that their rights to safety and protection be recognized and protected.
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December 10th 2018
World Refugee Day 2018; How's World Vision responding to the refugee crisis in Northern Uganda?
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August 3rd 2018
Mosquito nets and other core relief items for refugees
In partnership with the UNHCR, World Vision has since August 2016 been providing core relief items to all new arrivals from South Sudan. The items include mosquito nets, sleeping mats, blankets, kitchen sets, sanitary towels, basins, jerry cans, solar lamps, hoes among others. Majority of the new arrivals have lost everything they had back home and so these items help them kickstart a new life without much difficulty.
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August 3rd 2018