Children play in a park in Colombia

Children at the heart of it

We believe every child should grow up in a fair, just and socially cohesive city that they play a part in planning and designing. We also believe that where children live should have no bearing on their ability to access life-saving services. It is important and possible to ensure children’s health needs are met amid the pressures of urbanisation.

Just cities for all children

We are making progress. We ensure that our urban programming work involves children’s genuine participation. We provide opportunities to children and young people to plan, implement and evaluate their own initiatives. We work to transform urban policy to meet the needs of those it affects the most.

But there’s more to be done. People and poverty are moving to cities at a scale and speed that poses serious risks and challenges to the health, safety and wellbeing of children, especially the most vulnerable. We want to give all children access to adequate food, shelter, drinking water, education and medical care. Our desire is for every child to be protected from street violence, drugs, trafficking and hazardous forms of child labour. We want safe spaces to play for all children.