Surabaya Urban Pilot Project

"The underlying issue is that our voices are not being heard. We need to have our voices heard” – This was the clear message from the children of Pegirian and the motivation for World Vision’s urban pilot project in Surabaya, Indonesia.

The project aimed to contribute towards the development of pro-child policies in Surabaya through the promotion of child voice and participation in the urban context.

At the village level, World Vision worked with children’s groups to support their ability to express their opinions and contribute to the development of Pegirian as active citizens. At the city level, World Vision worked with the Municipal coordinating body for Community Planning to implement a Child Friendly City Framework and develop pro-child policies in Surabaya.

The project was successful in influencing the Municipality to sign a declaration for Surabaya to become a child friendly city in November 2011.

Putting child participation into practice, the project re-emphasized the importance of adults listening to children, by equipping children with skills in public speaking to confidently express themselves.