Clean water

Disaster Risk Reduction Programme in Laos


World Vision International - Laos is a recognised partner, particularly for food security, WASH, and health. For 3 consecutive years in Laos, we have been the only international non-governmental organisation to implement cash programming in emergency relief.

Priorities in 2022-2026


Incorporate disaster risk reduction aspects into programming


Sustain rapid response during major disasters


Build back better and leave no one behind


Introduce climate change adaptation across programming

Key Interventions 

Community-based disaster risk reduction - Laos

Disaster risk reduction

Community-based disaster risk reduction

Empower community members to implement livelihood activities that are resilient to environment shocks, strengthen the capacity of community partners for disaster risk reduction, and improve the response to hazards in the target areas

Disaster Risk Reduction

Increased and diversified agricultural produce

Improve nutrition-sensitive agricultural systems and natural resources management, and ensure food availability at the household level during and after the disasters

Disaster Risk Reduction

Saving for transformation

Promote saved funds during emergencies and establish income adequacy for households having children under 5 years old

Some Notable Projects


Stories of Impact

The true indicator of our success comes directly from the children and the communities. These stories only come to life because of your generosity and support which enable us to bring positive change in the lives of the most vulnerable children across Asia Pacific. 



We regularly produce research and reports as evidence of the challenges facing children and of our impact, work, and accountability. These publications help us make data-driven decisions to improve our programming. They also help create contextualised solutions and adopt global best practices and development models that impact the lives of millions of children, their families, and communities across the Asia Pacific.