World Vision Celebrates Global Hand Washing Day!

World Vision Afghanistan (WVA) through a fund from Global Affairs Canada (GAC) celebrated the Global Hand Washing Day on 16 of October 2016 with presence of Department of Education, Department of Public Health, UNICEF’s representatives, students and teachers at one of the High School in Herat. The purpose of this gathering was to raise public awareness about the importance and simplicity of this life-saving practice.

 The theme for Global Hand Washing Day is “Make hand washing a habit!” Hand washing habit helps to prevent illness and protect the body from bacterial infection or viruses. Based on the UNICEF Report every year about 11,000 children under 5-yrs-old still die from dehydration caused by diarrhoea and about 6,500 babies, barely 1-month-old, die from blood poisoning in Afghanistan, which is almost exclusively, linked to poor hygiene practices during and after birth.