#IWD2019: A day for the South Sudanese women

By John Ngong Ngong, Programme Officer, World Vision South Sudan


In the scorching heat of Juba, we march heads high for our women

The ties between men and women must remain forever interwoven

On the 8th day of March, I will be thinking about our women and the burdens they bear

Will the real men stand up and show some care?

See, a man may be physically sturdy like a cyclone

But no nation was ever built by men alone

Women must be upheld in dignity and honor

The world must learn to be fair and not play games in the corner

The pain a women bears is profound, please give these women the Queen’s crown

If they gave you an inch of that pain, you would be running around like a mindless clown

I believe womanhood is a divine design

If you give a woman a house, she gives you back a home

Isn’t that wonderful?

You give her an egg, she gives you back a kid so handsome or beautiful

You give her a sentence, she gives you back a paragraph

Yes, something priceless, much better than a celebrity autograph

Remember, God gave man a woman to make him complete

So don’t see her as a rival, you were never meant to compete

We don’t come from Wau, Juba or Malakal, we all come from a woman

So will the whole world stand up and cheer to the strength of a woman!