World Vision also combines economic development, food security and education and advocacy to;

  1. Enable families to have access to nutritious food throughout the year

  2. Caregivers receive knowledge to improve feeding practices for children

  3. Communities are empowered to protect children from infection and disease

  4. Health centre staff know how to identify and treat malnutrition

World Vision supports the initiatives of the government and we work in partnership to strengthen the implementation of national nutrition programmes. 

Sustainable Development Goals 2,3,6 (SDGs)


Through the Integrated Nutrition programme, World Vision is taking steps to achieve the Cambodia Sustainable Development Goals; Zero Hunger (2), Good Health and Wellbeing (3) and Clean Water and Sanitation (6). Simultaneously World Vision is contributing to three goals of the Rectangular Strategy included in Cambodia’s National Strategic Development Plan: Promoting Health and Integrated Nutrition, the Promotion of Livestock Farming and Aquaculture and Water Resources and irrigation system management.

Nutrition makes children happy

Integrated Nutrition Goal

Increase in children who are healthy and well-nourished.

Integrated Nutrition Objectives

Children are free from disease

Caregivers exhibit good infant and young child feeding practice

Improved policy implementation

Poor households have improved incomes and assets

72,000+ students now have access to clean running water and toilets at their schools