Community Engagement Materials for COVID-19

Locally produced community engagement materials on COVID-19 have been developed by World Vision Asia-Pacific field offices in conjunction with the ministries of health, social welfare and education. Such materials, translated into local languages, are culturally acceptable and relevant to the locations where they have been developed.

As World Vision communicates and engage communities remotely, such materials help in disseminating COVID-19 preventive messaging and addressing child protections issues that are prevalent within the community. They can be shared during meetings, through distribution packs, as posters and through social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Instagram, etc.

If you're interested to download the materials, please use the designs as they are and do not remove the World Vision logo. If you would like to add your logo, please add it outside these designs.

Also, please tag our social media handles if you’re planning to use it online:

Twitter: @wvasia (https://twitter.com/wvasia)
Facebook: (https://www.facebook.com/WorldVisionInternational)
Instagram: @worldvision (https://www.instagram.com/worldvision)

For a request to edit these resources or create translations, please write to wvasiapacificsocial@gmail.com for artworks/open files.