social media in thailand

COVID-19: Communicating and engaging with communities remotely through social media

World Vision Thailand is creating a COVID-19 awareness campaign via digital media platforms focusing on social media. Most Thai people access the internet and use social media via mobile phones. Out of the 69.24 million people, the Thai population 57 million people are able to access the internet, with 55 million regularly using the internet via mobile phones. 51 million people use Social Media regularly and 49 million people use social media via mobile phones. 

By prioritising social media, World Vision Thailand provided a reliable source of credible and engaging information about COVID-19 for the Thai public.

The messaging included child's mental health, how to take care of their own hygiene and your children's hygiene, how to handle stress for yourself, your family, your community during the lockdown, messages on health, sanitation, humanitarian protection, and livelihoods.

Through social media channels, World Vision Thailand reached 38,345 people with more engagement from mothers with kids and donors.

World Vision Thailand, in collaboration with Starfish Labs, developed a video series to raise awareness, provide knowledge about the impact of COVID-19 on children, advocating that children should not be neglected, violence against children end, and stress within the family should be replaced with happiness.

  1. The video covers COVID-19 information and situation, as well as the recommendations for disease prevention. It also introduces the issues of stress and child neglect due to lockdown and quarantine measures.
  2. The video presents how daily activities have been put on hold, leading to tensions within the household. Children may become neglected as they do not receive proper attention from the family. World Vision Thailand presents how to deal with stress and apply psychological first aid to allow family members to understand and deal with the pressing problem.

In partnership with UNICEF, the National Guideline for Teachers on COVID-19 has been launched. Now, WV is working with

Thailand Safe School Network and MOE on the development of

  1. Technical Guidance;
  2. Teacher’s Manual and;
  3. E-learning materials.