Partnering for child protection: Lawyers of Hope and Inshuti z’ Umuryango

Child Protection for Savings Groups

World Vision’s Savings for Transformation (S4T) project model builds resilience for vulnerable families. Through S4T Groups, men and women in poor communities set up their own groups which enable them to save money together in small amounts and lend to each other when needs arise, such as family members’ illness, children’s education, and falling income due to droughts. Therefore, the S4T group is a key building block for World Vision’s economic development interventions, contributing to women’s social and economic empowerment, household resilience, and social cohesion. 

As a child-focused organisation, we encourage S4T group members to learn more about the importance of child protection to increase child well-being. Download all four illustrative lesson plans for S4T facilitators to teach this alongside their corresponding flip charts.

Lesson Plan 1 - Budgeting for Child Well-being

Lesson Plan 2 - Protecting our Children

Lesson Plan 3 - Preventing Harmful Work

Lesson Plan 4 - The Right Time to Get Married

Find out more about our Savings for Transformation project model including our new S4T design guide and implementation guide (now also available in French and Spanish).


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