Floods Hit Ethiopia Operational Area At Mid Night

Heavy torrential rains have hit a World Vision project area in Ethiopia hard, destroying property and displacing thousands of people. The disaster has left 953 household (3354 people) in the area without food and shelter. WVE has distributed 15kg wheat and 1/2 litre of edible oil per individual for 206 households (725 persons). The ADP has also procured and distributed clothing, blankets and utensils.

The pipelines of the town were damaged by the flood and out of the 23,000 residents of Wolenchity town, 13,000 have no access to potable water. The townalso lost power when the electric lines were destroyed by the flood water. In response to this, Boset ADP has been supplying 26,000 litres of potable water per day to the affected people from Nazareth town, some 20 km from Boset ADP. Moreover, the ADP is supporting the local government by providing different construction materials and water pipe fittings to provide lasting solution to the prevailing problem.