World Vision Ethiopia staff takes part at the Ethiopian Great Run, 2018

Nearly 100 World Vision Ethiopia staff including the National Director, Mr. Edward Brown, took part at 18th Ethiopian Great Run, a 10 km run, advocating for ending child marriage in Ethiopia as part of the “It takes a world to ending violence against children” campaign on 18 November 2018. 

This year’s Great Run themed: “Empower Girls Now; they are the next leaders!” has attracted over 45,000 participants including the diplomatic communities residing in Addis Ababa, UN agencies, various INGOs, tourists as well as people from various parts of the country. 
The Child Protection and Equity Programme and the Communications Department have been undertaking a number of advocacy and campaign works at different levels through engaging and mobilizing both internal and external stakeholders for the cause of ending child marriage in Ethiopia.

“We can run fast alone but we can run far together,” Mr. Brown said after finishing the run, alluding the importance of working together to stop child marriage in Ethiopia. 
World Vision Ethiopia’s flagship campaign “It takes a world to end child marriage in Ethiopia” contributed 30,000 birr for charity causes as part of the campaign promotion efforts.