Nothing can dim their hope for a bright future: 8 dreams from South Sudan's children

In South Sudan

  • 7.1 million people are in need of protection, 61 percent or around 4 million are children
  • 45 percent of girls are married early or forcibly
  • 1 in 3 women or girls experience rape or sexual assault before age of 25
  • 1.3 million children of of age for primary school are out of school
  • 6.2 million people are severely food insecure
  • 1.3 million children under 5 are at risk of acute malnutrition

These numbers are staggering.

But look at the faces of these South Sudanese children uprooted by conflict.

They are faces of hope! Their dreams are very much alive!

They need you and me to make it happen.

It will take a world to end violence against children.

#ItTakesANation #ItTakesAWorld