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Join our campaign to end violence against children.

In June, world leaders will be meeting at the Solutions Summit, where they will be reviewing progress on global targets to end violence. This will be the second Solutions Summit and the first since the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Since the first summit, 33 countries have committed to accelerate their efforts to end violence, but too little is being done too slowly.

Since the onset of COVID-19, millions of children worldwide have their lives blighted by violence every day. The impacts of COVID-19 are forcing millions more children to drop out of school, beg, work or marry simply to survive. 

We know what the solutions are to end violence against children. And we know that ending violence against children is essential for peace and prosperity. But, we need leaders to make political and financial commitments to end violence against children.

Ahead of the summit, our government leaders are meeting civil society, faith leaders, and representatives of the end violence community. This is a key opportunity to ask them to strengthen the policy and legislative environment to end violence against children.

World Vision is calling on leaders from across continents and sectors to implement policies that protect children from violence and make a difference in their lives when they are announced at the Solutions Summit. Let’s become champions to end violence against children!  

Young child smiling in Haiti

It takes a world to end violence against children


Over 1 billion children are affected by violence.

It destroys their dignity, their rights, their potential and their future.

Join our campaign to end violence against children.