World Vision strongly condemns the killing of humanitarian staff in Baghlan province


It is confirmed that 10 people were killed and 16 injured yesterday morning in a targeted attack on one of the charity organizations in Afghanistan that has been clearing land mines in the country for decades.

Statement by World Vision Afghanistan National Director

“Humanitarians, and the children, families and communities they serve, have the right to live and work in peace. Yesterday morning this right was violated with the loss of our colleagues in the Halo Trust.

We are dismayed and saddened for the victims, their families, and the terror inflicted on the survivors.  We send condolences and pray for our brothers and sisters from the Halo Trust and the families of the deceased at this utterly tragic time.

World Vision strongly condemns the attack on the HALO Trust, a global partner in operations to clear landmines, and other explosive devices, with a mission to improve the lives of vulnerable people.  We immediately call for all warring parties to adhere to their responsibilities under international law and to end intentional and targeted violence against those who are protecting and those that need protection.

World Vision also demands that all those parties claiming to desire peace for the Afghan people must o demonstrate concrete action to support their claims and put an end to the terrible crimes such as was witnessed yesterday in Baghlan.”

For the past 20 years, through a range of holistic, integrated humanitarian projects that promote change and improve well-being, World Vision has been serving the children, families and communities in Afghanistan. Every year, over 488,600 children and adults benefit from World Vision Afghanistan’s programs, which currently operate in four provinces and cities throughout Afghanistan.


Note to editor

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