G7 1bn vaccine commitment could fail, without proper planning

Friday, June 11, 2021

World Vision has welcomed the news that the G7 nations will provide 1bn vaccine doses to low-income countries, but warned vaccine distribution could fail.

Speaking on the first day of the G7 Summit in Cornwall, Mark Sheard, CEO of World Vision UK, said: “We are glad to see that G7 leaders are taking seriously the need to more equitably distribute vaccines around the world, with an emphasis given to those places where they are most needed.”

“However, whilst there has been justified global focus on equitable vaccine distribution, with a strong desire to see vulnerable populations across the globe benefiting from vaccines as wealthy countries do, not enough attention has been given to the preparedness of low-income countries to receive and distribute vaccines nationally.

“Early assessments of national deployment and vaccination plans have found many to have serious demand, planning, and investment gaps. In those cases where civil society and communities have not been properly engaged, vaccine distribution will fail.”

“We have already seen cases in high need countries of vaccines going to waste due to the inability to effectively distribute.”

“Community engagement to address vaccine hesitancy will be a critical prerequisite for effective vaccine uptake and this requires urgent investment prior to increasing global distribution. This investment must include funding of civil society organisations who have community reach, expertise, and the trust of local communities.”

World Vision staff are working alongside our partners, including governments, faith leaders, community health workers, and grassroots organisations, to implement immunisation campaigns and ensure communities understand the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination.

Next week, World Vision will release a report detailing just how catastrophic the impact of COVID-19 and has been on the world’s forcibly displaced people and highlights how inequitable vaccine access is for them.


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