World Vision urges humanitarian ceasefire as child and civilian deaths escalate in Myanmar

World Vision is deeply concerned for the safety and well-being of children and civilians in Myanmar, following the escalation in violence which has since claimed the lives of children. We call for peace and the stability needed for continued humanitarian access and protection of the vulnerable, especially children. We are deeply worried that protracted unrest in the country will reverse decades of development progress made in support of its people. We also fear that it will inflict severe psychological trauma and physical violence on children and communities, deepen existing vulnerabilities, and increase hardship and poverty. We urgently call for a peaceful resolution that abides by the fundamental principles of international humanitarian law. 

World Vision has been operating in Myanmar for 25 years and our work impacts over two million people through 50 development and humanitarian programmes. We serve all communities, regardless of gender, ethnicity and religion. We are working to facilitate long-term sustainable development that helps families to restore livelihoods, improve food security, access health care, and invest in education so that children in Myanmar have hope for the future, and are able to live life to their fullest potential. 

For more information, please contact:  

Naw Phoebe, Associate Director of External Engagement, World Vision International – Myanmar. Email: Mobile: +95 9 5092530