Million of children at risk of starvation in South Sudan if action not taken

26 Feb 2018 - A year after famine was declared in South Sudan, there is concern that two-thirds of the population – 7.1 million people – could be at risk of starvation by May, if humanitarian assistance isn’t provided.

The stark warning of potential worsening conditions and escalating child malnutrition rates was presented today when the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification issued their key projected finding for January to July 2018. 

World Vision Quotes:

“Millions of children in South Sudan do not have enough food to eat. The situation remains critical with child malnutrition rates and food insecurity worsening in some areas. Continued action is required to ensure children survive this crisis,” says Dr. Mesfin Loha, World Vision’s interim national director in South Sudan.

“Food insecurity is caused by the ongoing conflict and the displacement of 4 million people,” says Loha. “Peace is a condition for future generations of children and youth to have the bright future they deserve.” 

“Humanitarian assistance is saving lives,” says Loha. “Over the last year World Vision  provided life saving assistance to more than 1.5 million people. We know that when famine was declared last February, a joint interagency response was able to help scale back the severity of the disaster within a few months.” 

For more information, please contact: 

Mark Nonkes
Disaster Communication Advisor
World Vision International - East Africa Regional Office
currently based in Juba, South Sudan