South Sudan Hunger Crisis Case Study

South Sudan's Hunger Crisis: Impact on Women and Children's Nutrition Status

Malnutrition is often the symptom of food insecurity, poor hygiene, or a lack of knowledge of nutritious food. For South Sudan, a triangle of misery confronts families as people struggle with conflict, poverty and the effects of climate change. Causes of malnutrition in South Sudan include mass displacement, increased Inflation, deep economic recessions, unemployment, and eroded finances for social protection and health.

In the last year, World Vision’s team provided assistance to more than 891,262 children and 503,132 breastfeeding mothers or pregnant women who were malnourished in South Sudan. These numbers are not merely statistics, but individual lives that are struggling.

This publication is reflective of interviews with programme beneficiaries, community members, community leaders, health care professionals and World Vision technical advisors during 2020 and 2021.