Infographic: Nepal Flood Recovery Project 2019

World Vision International Nepal transitioned to recovery phase to support the children and their families affected by floods in 2019, following official closure of its three-month long Nepal Floods Response Programme (spanned from 15 July 2019 until 14 September 2019). To ensure improved resiliency of the flood-affected communities to future disasters, WIVN will focus on cash-based programming to rebuild livelihoods of the affected people. The below infographic will provide an overview of Nepal Flood Recovery Project 2019.

In coordination with local governments and partners, the Nepal Flood Response (Category  One) achieved its required targets, in reaching 18,970 people, including 7,588 children, and delivered quality humanitarian relief assistance with the funding support from sponsors and donors. The response generated a total funding of USD 285,169, which was possible through PNS, ADP reserves and grants including support of WV Taiwan, WV Singapore and WV Korea. The response also exhibited the advantage of having a skilled and prepared National Disaster Management Team (NDMT) as its members were mobilised until the response transitioned into the recovery phase.

Nepal Flood Recovery Project 2019 infographic