Nepal COVER Project overview infographic - for web

Nepal COVID-19 Emergency Response – Phase II

Here's the snapshot of World Vision International Nepa's COVID-19 Response - Phase 2. 

Our key interventions: 

- Support the government health facilities with emergency needs (oxygen cylinders, PPEs, hospital beds, Infrared thermometers, sanitisation sprays, gloves, masks, face shields, etc.)
- Support Holding Centers with needed materials including beds
- Disseminate integrated risk communication messages on COVID-19 related symptoms and services, preventive behaviours, vaccination and isolation
- Provide psychosocial counselling support
- Capacitate local governments on contact tracing, home isolations, and vaccination drive
- Support grade 1-5 students with self-learning materials, and alternative classes for students above grade 5 through radio
- Support the COVID-19 and monsoon affected families with cash for livelihood options (consumption support, agri-input support, business recovery support and NFI kits support)
- Support the Government of Nepal at all levels together with Association of International NGOs in Nepal (AIN) to implement cohesive and coordinated response