Empowered Women – Empowered Children: Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Gender inequality is recognized as one of the most powerful drivers of children’s vulnerability in all contexts. As part of its mandate to help the most vulnerable children experience the fullness of life, World Vision focuses on child well-being programmes, and capitalizes on child well-being outcomes. With intention to increase the focus on gender-responsive programmes that respond to the strategic needs of women, WV Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) conducted the following research, to better understand the connection between mothers’ and children’s well-being and holistically address both.

Accordingly, this research explores women’s empowerment and children’s well-being factors in BiH and looks at how women’s socio-demographic factors and empowerment components are associated with children’s well-being. For this purpose, a cross-sectional observation design was developed with the application of a convenient sampling approach. The research targeted 104 World Vision beneficiary children, aged 11-17 living in structured families and their respective mothers.