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World Vision Somalia Country Strategy

World Vision has been operational in Somalia since 1993, responding to the over three decades-long protracted humanitarian crisis as well as responding to multi-sectoral resilience-focused programmes in food security and livelihoods, water and sanitation, health and nutrition, protection and education. 

Currently, World Vision has a footprint across 18 districts in eight regions, implementing either directly or through our local partners to address the root causes of vulnerability. These locations are characterized by: a high number of internally displaced persons, hard to reach with a low presence of humanitarian agencies, and cross-border points. The locations also cut into some of the pastoral and agro-pastoral livelihood zones which are most susceptible to food insecurity, especially during intense periods of droughts. 

This strategy has taken into consideration: the level of vulnerability, accessibility to the locations, and presence of other agencies to guide our geographical reach. World Vision seeks to achieve its strategic goal through four child well-being objectives (CWBOs);

• To increase children who have positive and peaceful relationships in their families and communities 

• To increase in children who are well–nourished 

• To increase in children protected from infection and disease 

• To increase in primary school children who can read 

Priority Sectors 

• Food security and livelihoods (FSL) 

• Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) 

• Health and Nutrition 

• Protection