Health Investment in Puntland

Residents of Dangorayo, Eyl and Godobjiran Districts in Puntland are elated after World Vision inaugurated the opening and handing over of four newly constructed primary health units and one maternity theatre. The Irish Aid through the integrated health care project supported the construction and the upgrade of the health units and hospitals.

 Baqbaq and Budunbuto Primary health units

A view of the Budunbuti primary health unit in Dangorayo, Puntland 

The Minister for health Dr. Abdinasir Osman and World Vision’s Operations Director Tobias Oloo officially opened the newly constructed primary health units in Dangorayo.

Tobias thanked the Minister of health and the community for their collaboration and support in ensuring that the well-being of children and mothers in the area is achieved. He emphasized the importance of the facility in providing the needed services, for children, women, and pregnant women before, during and after delivery.

“Previously, the rate of maternal mortality was high due to pregnant complications and not having a health facility nearby and so they had to walk or drive for a long time to reach a health facility. But this health facility will now support both mothers, children and pregnant women and that the mortality rate in this area will reduce,” said Tobias.

The minister on the other hand commended World Vision in the construction of the health facility and the quick response in addressing the health needs and the well being of children, mothers and pregnant women.

Eyl Hospital

World Vision’s National Director Simon Nyabwengi and the Minister for Health Dr. Abdinasir Osman Ise opened the newly constructed and equipped maternity and health ward.


WV Somalia's National Director Simon Nyabwengi and Puntland's Minister for health Dr. Abdinasir Osman, opening Eyl hospital

The National Director highlighted the role World Vision is playing in providing health services to improve the lives of the child and the mother as well as he strides taken to invest in health in the district, without forgetting to mention the immense support from the donor.

“I am pleased that we have made a very significant health investment in Eyl district that will serve the community for many years. We are also grateful to the donor who enabled us to do this,” stated Simon.

Dr. Abdinasir applauded the work World Vision is doing to ensure that the health facilities in the district are functional and also promised to support in running the hospital.

“I am happy that the work in the hospital that had stalled is now complete. I am happy and appreciate what World Vision is doing. As a ministry, we will support in terms of medication and recruiting more staff as needed.”

 Dillan and Subun Primary Health Units

Dilla and Subin primary heath units in Eyl and Godobjiran districts respectively are opened. In attendance was the minister for health, district leaders and World Vision Health and Nutrition Manager, Michael Abaasiku.

Mr. Abaasiku indicated how eager the community was to have a health facility to treat urgent cases and get medication for preventable illnesses. He also stressed the important work the donor, the minister and the community have done to ensure that the project was successful.

The three-year project supported by the Irish Aid began in May 2015. The project has seen 10 health facilities either constructed or upgraded in Eyl, Godobjiran and Eyl districts in two phases.

The project was began due to gaps in health services provision that included lack of health facilities, poor road infrastructure for hospital accessibility, shortfalls in the referral and secondary health care and lack of surgical theatre for a caesarean section.

The newly constructed health unit and the upgraded hospital will provide support to over 62,00 beneficiaries and 12,400 children under 5 and 5,580pregnant women by providing outpatient consultation, nutrition services including outpatient therapeutic and targeted supplementary feeding, immunization, ante and prenatal care, outpatient care and caesarean surgery.