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article • Tuesday, September 12th 2017

Trucking water to Puntland’s drought-affected families

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Women fetching water at the water trucking point in Godob Addon village, Godobjiran District in Puntland

Women and children crowd around a truck, jostling to fill their jerricans with a much-awaited ration of water.

Women and children jostling to fill their jericans at Godob Addon village in Godobjiran district in Puntland

In this sandy corner of Puntland, water is as precious as gold. 

“We use the water for cooking, making tea, cleaning the house and going to the toilet,” states 11-year-old Mohamed.

 11 year old Mohamed fetching water at the Godob Addon village in Godobjiran village in Puntland 

The community once had a season of plenty, where goats bleated and camels grunted in satisfaction. Water was in plenty and everyone was satisfied. But as the drought intensified, so did scarcity rear its head. The animals died one by one and the water sources dried up.

“We used to get water from berkets (underground water storage) but right now the berkets have all dried up because of the drought,” says 40-year-old Waris. “I lost all my 50 goats,” she adds.

 Waris, a community member at Godob Addon village. The drought has affected her immensely and lost all her 50 livestock

The script is the same for 40-year-old Safiyo who left her rural home to come and find refuge in a place that she thought was not so hard hit by the drought.

“The drought has affected us in so many ways. It is so severe and all the livestock have died because of lack of water and pasture,” she laments.

 Safiyo with her five year old daughter

Waris and Safiyo are among 6.7 million people in Somalia who have been hit by the two-year long drought that has led to water points drying up and livestock starving to death.

Yasin Ali, chairman of Godob Addon village in Puntland is grateful that World Vision has brought them water but the needs are still on the increase and they need something sustainable.

Yasin Ali Ahmed, chairman of Godob Addon village, fetching water to quench his thirst. He was also at the site to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

“Emergency water trucking is not enough. Today you are here and tomorrow you are gone. Where will we get water?” he asks. “If we had a borehole, then the people will suffer less because at least they have water,” he adds.


 Yasin Ali Ahmed, chairman of Godob Addon village, Godobjiran District, Puntland 

To the villagers, everyday is a new day with great possibilities. Though they have other needs like lack of schools and health facilities, they are still grateful for what they get.

“I want to thank the donor for giving us this water and I will pray for all of them,” declares 10-year-old Fadwuso.

10 year old Fadwuso, fetching water at the water trucking point in Godob Addon village, Godobjiran district, Puntland.

World Vision has reached 332, 086 people with water, sanitation and hygiene services since January 2017. The water trucking is funded by SHO (Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties).


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