Tenderness boxes in Brazil

Providing support and supplies to vulnerable Venezuean migrants in Brazil

By Catty Lopes, Emergency Communications, World Vision in Brazi

With the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 growing quickly, Brazil seeks to manage the impact caused by the disease. In the country's northern region, which has been the main gateway for Venezuelans and where thousands of migrants have arrived, some cities are seeing their health systems on the verge of collapse. Thinking of helping primarily Venezuelan children and adolescents living in vulnerable situations, World Vision’s team in Brazil is distributing in Boa Vista (RR) Tenderness Boxes (Caixas de Ternura) and Hygiene Kits with educational materials to instruct families on how to protect themselves from COVID-19.

“Like other countries, Brazil is trying to ensure the safety and medical care of its citizens. But, in this situation of extreme crisis, we must not forget the children who live as refugees and migrants, where access to medical services and care are more limited. These families already live in situations of vulnerability with children suffering much more risk of abuse and violence. Special attention must be paid to migrants in the midst of the pandemic,” says Luis Corzo, director of World Vision’s humanitarian response in Brazil.

In addition to hygiene and cleaning materials, such as gel alcohol and soap, deliveries include Tenderness Boxes, which contain educational and recreational materials that encourage family interaction with children during times of social isolation.

The donation campaign Juntos pelas Crianças contra a COVID-19 (Togheter for Children against COVID-19) was launched in the last week of March and has already made deliveries to 6,240 families from 12 municipalities in seven Brazilian states. Only the families previously identified by World Vision are receiving the Tenderness Boxes to avoid agglomerations.