World Vision shall respond to COVID19 pandemic as proactively as it did with the Ebola in South Sudan

  • 44 percent of South Sudan’s estimated population is at risk of communicable and non-communicable diseases
  • 75 percent of all child deaths are due to preventable diseases, such as diarrhea, malaria, and pneumonia
  • 56 percent have no access to primary health care services
  • 1.5 million people are internally displaced

The huge risk that South Sudan is faced with as the global pandemic Corona Virus (COVID19) looms in the country, considering the dire condition named above among others, is of great concern. The 2020 Humanitarian Needs Overview reported that of the 7.5 million people in need, 54 percent of these are children, 50 percent are women and 13 percent are physically-challenged.

World Vision’s experience in working with South Sudan’s Ministry of Health and other partners on the Ebola response would come in very useful at this point in time. While there are many new aspects that we need to learn from this global pandemic, a lot of our learning in containing an outbreak using robust awareness-raising and screening in vulnerable communities would certainly help us deal with it effectively.

The report further highlights that out of the 2,300 health facilities in the country, over 1,300 of these are non-functional and furthermore, an estimated 7.3 million people face problems related to physical and mental well-being. World Vision shall support and contribute to prevention and preparedness in its operational areas in Central Equatoria, Warrap, Western Equatoria and the Upper Nile States.

"With World Health Organization’s declaration of the Corona Virus disease as a global pandemic, we support World Vision President Andrew Morley's challenge to work together with partners, government agencies and communities in South Sudan to prepare and proactively respond to this crisis. I urge everyone to keep the children's and most vulnerable population's health and well-being a top concern”, says Dr. Mesfin Loha, World Vision’s Country Programme Director in South Sudan.

This pandemic calls for everyone’s cooperation, understanding, and support. Its containment and prevention requires joint efforts and shared resources focused on where it will matter the most,  where South Sudan’s most vulnerable population are located. On top of all, we pray for each other, for all our health workers and frontline responders and for our leaders as we respond to this health crisis.

“Together and united, we can contain the impact of this pandemic in South Sudan and globally”, Loha concludes.

World Vision Press Release: Pandemic declaration demands the world unite to focus on those who are invisible and most at risk from COVID-19, warns World Vision


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