Endzaleni Primary School: A Thriving Learning Environment Thanks to World Vision

CESP, Eswatini
Monday, August 7, 2023

Endzaleni Primary School in South was once a struggling school with inadequate facilities. The toilets had no doors, the children had to learn on benches, and there were not enough desks for everyone. But thanks to the support of World Vision, the school has been transformed into a thriving learning environment.

“We did not have desks & used benches to teach; during exams we’d take some of our learners to teach them under trees because the desks we had were too big, hence occupying a lot of space”, Dudu Thwala, a teacher at  Endzaleni Primary explains.  "When it came to sanitation and hygiene, Our children used to use toilets with no doors, there was no privacy."

She explains how reaching out to World Vision has completely revamped the learning environment for the children at Endzaleni Primary;

"World Vision has been like a mother and father to us," says Thwala, " Since 2021, they have provided us with everything we need to create a safe and conducive learning environment for our children."

“We have 4 bins for learners to dispose waste placed all over the school, our toilets now have durable metal doors, our children don’t have to learn under trees anymore because the 40 desks that World Vision donated, and no teacher is using benches as a teaching tool. I could go on and on really, but this organization really has changed the lives of these children. Plus, these freshly-painted buildings are all World Vision’s courtesy”, she adds.

In addition to providing physical improvements, World Vision has also donated gifts to the school, such as a cake and Vaseline for the children. These gifts have helped to boost the morale of the children, these registered under its sponsorship programme and those not registered and make them feel special.

"The other day World Vision brought a big cake and every child here felt special," said Thwala. "Also, this winter, each class had a big Vaseline for children to moisturize their faces. I get such a beautiful feeling when I see these little faces all clean and plumped instead of dry, chapped cheeks."

World Vision's support has made a real difference in the lives of the children at Endzaleni Primary School. The school is now a safe and welcoming place where children can thrive.

World Vision is committed to helping children enjoy life in all its fullness. Everything World Vision does is focused on one goal: the sustained well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable.