Strengthening the families in Kakheti Region.

Meet Butsashvili family from Kakheti region. World Vision Georgia is supporting them for two years within the Ultra Poor Graduation programme model. None of the members of the large family were employed.

The initial assessment revealed that the family had experience in caring for cattle, although due to economic problems they no longer owned any. In order to provide vital nutrition to six children, World Vision bought a dairy cow for the family.

The mother of the children, Ia Butsashvili, is skilled at handicraft but needed to develop and refine this skill. Ia was professionally trained and equipped with the necessary equipment. She has received Knitting inventory and started making handmade bags and baskets, much to her surprise her work soon became quite popular in the surrounding area and she is already taking orders today.

"I could not imagine if something I loved doing in my leisure time one day could become a source of income, I am happy to be able to help my family financially today," says Ia.

Due to successful advocacy the local municipality, social workers and partners of the State Care Agency were actively involved and cooperated with the organization in the process of working with the family and strengthening them.

World Vision Georgia has been implementing the Ultra Poor Graduation module since 2019, with the help of Kakheti, Samckhe-Javakheti and Imereti Area Development Centres. At present, 105 families are involved in the programme and another 120 families will get support soon.

 Our strategy works to empower vulnerable children, their families, and communities to transform their realities and build bright futures.