Unlocking paths

Kyut and her mother
Monday, February 26, 2024

Kyut is a 17-year-old girl residing in a small village of Launglon Township in southern Myanmar. She lives with her immediate family, including her three older brothers. Job opportunities are hard to come by in their area. Kyut's father works as a farmer, but his income varies a lot depending on the planting season. Her brothers help him out when they can.

Kyut's mother sells traditional snacks to local tea shops to make ends meet. It's the main way they earn money throughout the year. Even though everyone in the family pitches in, they still struggle with money sometimes, worrying about what the future holds.

Since the changes in the political landscape, schools in her area have shuttered their doors.  She sadly expressed, "I can't go to school as the one in my village is still closed. It has left me with limited opportunities to acquire new knowledge and education.”

It indicates that many children in the community are stuck at home and unable to pursue further education because of political instability and security concerns. Some have had to get jobs to help their families. Sadly, some teenagers are getting married early because they don't see other options. This lack of educational and career opportunities leaves them feeling like they're not contributing meaningfully to their families or their futures.

Kyut recalled, "I couldn't contribute financially to my family when they faced tough times, and it made me feel utterly powerless."

To ease the burdens at home and stay motivated, Kyut opted to find employment outside her village, providing additional financial support during the extended closure of the school. Reflecting on this decision, Kyut remembered, "While I worked away from the village, my family was constantly worried about my safety."

Amidst adversity, Kyut found a glimmer of hope through vocational training offered by World Vision, including baking and online English classes. With newfound skills, Kyut is launching her own baking business, providing a source of income for her family and herself. This has relieved some of their financial burdens, eliminating the need for Kyut to seek external employment. With a sense of purpose, Kyut no longer has idle time, and despite being unable to attend school, she sees a brighter future ahead as she pursues her passion for baking.

Kyut confessed, "Having my own business brings me immense joy. It's not just fulfilling for me but also brings happiness to my parents, who are proud to see me working diligently from home. Now, I feel a sense of significance within my family, and I'm no longer dependent on them for my expenses."

Kyut is determined to grow her business and has her sights set on pursuing advanced bakery courses. Moreover, she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to help other children by sharing what she learned from World Vision.

She concluded, “World Vision’s programmmes, like vocational training and online learning platforms, have been a lifeline for children like me who had to pause school during tough times. It gives us hope and chances for a brighter tomorrow. Its programmes unlock new paths, breaking us free from traditional ways and dependency.”