Shining Shine

Shine's photo
Monday, February 5, 2024

Shine, a 14-year-old sponsored child, lives with her parents and seven siblings in a small village in Bogale Township. She is currently in Grade 5 at the local school. Shine's father, Naing is 46 years old and works as a fisherman to provide for the family, while her mother, Khin 45 years old, is a housewife with health challenges.  Shine said, "During my free time, I help my father fishing, and I am happy to help him. I feel happy when we catch a substantial amount of fish because it means I get some pocket money. Additionally, during the harvest season, I take on odd jobs such as paddy harvesting, where I earn 8000 MMK per day."

In August 2015, Shine became a sponsored child at the age of 6. She was filled with excitement as she eagerly wrote letters and received correspondences from her sponsor. The letters from her sponsor often inquired about Shine's daily life, her family and community, and her aspirations for the future. The sponsor also shared information about the weather and animals from their home country.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Shine said, "I find joy in writing letters and creating drawings for my sponsor. Through our correspondence, I discovered that my sponsor is from the United States of America. I expressed my dream of becoming a teacher when I grew up. My sponsor also sent a Christmas card and Birthday card to me, I am so happy to receive those cards. All those letters were given to me with kindness and love, so I keep and cherish them dearly."

Shine not only received cards and letters from her sponsor but was also gifted with a boat, fishing net, bicycle, school uniform, stationery, and basic food items for her family. These support items have significantly improved Shine's family's livelihood. Additionally, Shine received tuition fees to attend classes, enabling her to access better education. As a result, she has achieved improved grades and exam results. Shine’s sponsor not only provides Shine with things she needs but also displays her care and support about health and education even though they didn’t know each other before or met once.  When Shine shared her desire to become a teacher with her sponsor, the sponsor said to her as follows, “Shine, you are smart. So, work hard on your studies. You can become a teacher.” Shine also shared, “I would like to thank my sponsor for providing what I need with such care and love. I feel really happy and grateful as well.”

Khin, Shine's mother, expressed, "Our connection with Shine's sponsor began when she was around six years old. Since Shine turned eight, we have consistently received support from the sponsor. Whenever the sponsor provides us with essential items, it feels like winning the lottery. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Shine's sponsor for the generous provisions. I am profoundly grateful and at a loss for words. Thank you very much for supporting Shine in continuing her education and pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher. I feel like Shine gets another mother whom she can depend on.”

Shine mentioned, "This year, I haven't received any letters from my sponsor. Every time I pray, I hope that my sponsor is in good health. I am truly grateful for the support, it has been very beneficial for both me and my family. The boat provided means my father no longer has to borrow when he goes fishing. The bicycle has made my journey to school much easier, and I can even bring a friend along. I appreciate the encouragement, and I am committed to doing my best to achieve my goal of becoming a teacher. If given the opportunity, I would love to meet my sponsor in person one day."