I can’t imagine not being able to go to school every day

Hisila with her parents
Friday, December 20, 2019

10-year-old Hisila’s morning routine mostly consists of studying, getting ready and then walking to school. “I love studying. English is my favourite subject so I often study English more than other subjects,” she says.

Hisila reads her course book as her daily morning routine













Hisila’s mother does her hair to get her ready for school, while her father looks at her with a beaming smile. “I can’t believe we are able to send our daughter off to school now. Few years ago, things were totally different for us. Since I earned very less, we could only save NPR 50 (USD 0.44) every month. Managing food and basic needs for my family was a struggle. We couldn’t manage to pay our daughter’s school fees on time. When she required stationary items including books, we were unable to buy her those,” shares Hisila’s father.

Hisila as she prepares herself to go to school

When Hisila was sponsored by World Vision almost two years ago, things started gradually getting better for this family. Paying for Hisila’s education was no longer a struggle. She also received school bags, pencils, notebooks and other stationary items. “I can’t imagine not being able to go to school every day. Not being able to read, meet my friends and play would make me very sad,” Hisila expressed.

Hisila's father in his farm

Similarly, Hisila’s father also received agriculture training and farming equipment from World Vision. He then along with his wife started working to produce vegetables like tomatoes and chillies in their farm. “Now that I produce vegetables and sell them, my wife and I are able to save NPR 2,000 (USD 17.58) every month. We’re extremely happy that we’re even securing money for our daughter’s future.”

Hisila and her father in their farm

When asked how she did in her final exam of grade-4, Hisila shyly said “I topped the class.” “I’m working even harder to score better in my grade-5 exams,” she added.