Every day is World Food Day as farmers fight for a hunger-free South Sudan

It was a sight to see 54 participating farmers all lined up in their farms composed of over 64 acres proudly holding their Farmers Field Day banner. The women clapped and danced singing as a way of sharing their gratitude and thanksgiving.

Along with distinguished guests from the government, World Vision’s partner-organizations and the communities, over 70 people attended the celebration. The field day is also a learning experience as farmers share their lessons on challenges and success with other farmers.

The farmers, many of them women, came in full force to celebrate the Farmers' Field Day in Warrap State. They also shared lessons learned to encourage other farmers to join the campaign.


There were also representatives from the agro -dealers, counties, the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC), the State Ministry of Agriculture, and Forestry represented by Acting Director General Anei Adior Arob.

“When I see these hardworking women and men gathered together, I am reminded of my mother who was was a good farmer. She raised us from childhood through farming. I am who I am because of her example of determination and dedication”, said Nong Nong, a Payam Administrator of Ruac North village.

Kenneth Munyengerwi, BRACE II Project Director appreciated the farmers' perseverance and determination to improve their condition at the Farmers’ Field Day held in Anyuat farmland.


The field day was initiated by Building Resilience through Asset Creation and Enhancement (BRACE) II Project is a partnership of World Vision, Smile Again Africa Development Organization (SAADO) and Support for Peace Education and Development Programme (SPEDP) funded by the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

BRACE II aims to improve nutrition, food security and build the resilience of the communities in the three counties of Aweil North, Magwi and Gogrial West. It started in 2018 and has to date supported 18,650 households or an estimated 122,000 people.

When I see these hardworking women and men gathered together, I am reminded of my mother who was was a good farmer. She raised us from childhood through farming.

The farmers were all excited of the project that helped them provide for their families and have boosted their source of income. Madut Kon, one of the farmers say,” I am thankful and is still hoping to be supported of drinking facility and irrigation system for the dry season.”

Healthy ground nuts and farm crops lead to healthy families and communities. BRACE II's efforts, together with the farmers and partners, are fast bearing fruits.


Maluil Akech, the RRC representative adds, “I am happy with the support BRACE II is giving you in producing your own food other than giving you ready food. Use your skills and tools well.”

Mayuol Majok, a community leader, who initially thought the project was a waste of time, says. “I did not know that this project was a good thing but today, after seeing the results, I now understand and know how important it is to our community.”

The dignitaries led by the Director General Anei Adior Arob, the Acting State Minister of Agriculture inspecting the quality of the groundnuts grown in the farm.


The State Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry representative, Anei Adior Arob, said the ministry is excited about the project and recognized the efforts of World Vision in serving the communities in South Sudan. He adds, “I appreciate the project design of BRACE II that supports our people producing their own food..”

The leader of the farmers group who is also the Boma Project management committee member, thanked the project for the tools, especially the shelling machines, ox ploughs, which helped them to increase production and processing of groundnuts thereby increasing household income.

From left: Deng Chol Achuil, BRACE II Project Coordinator,Kenneth Munyengerwi, the Project Director and Director General Anei Adior Arob, Acting State Minister of Agriculture discussing the project accomplishments of the project.


Kenneth Munyengerwi, BRACE II Project Director says, “When the project ends, we do not want to see the farms closed down. The support will be handed over to the Ministry of Agriculture to enable the communities to continue the good work, which can only be possible with active support of the government ministries and other stakeholders.”

Munyengerwi concludes,”Thank you for participating in the project that clearly demonstrated we can produce our own food. With the harvest this year, I believe we will be able to take care of our children’s needs and build a better future for them.”

The field day is also a celebration of the resilience and hard work of South Sudan's farmers and a proof that together, food security can be achieved on the long-term.


Story by Jemima Tumalu, Communications Officer I Photos by Christopher Lete and Eugene Combo/World Vision