I will keep moving

The journey may be scary and long
but there is no short-cut to saving lives.

The journey may be risky
but the 'risk' completes the whole equation.

Sometimes the life that is coming to save lives
is equally threatened or even taken.

But I will keep moving.

Sometimes things get muddy and we get stuck
but it's no good reason to get mad or stop.

So I will keep moving.

Sometimes the road is not clear
but there should not be room for fear.

I will keep moving.

Sometimes it feels lonely
but I know I am not alone.

So let's keep moving.

It is not a search for glory.
Only if you can listen to my story.

Sometimes it feels like a drop of water into an ocean
but a single life saved is a good reason to keep pushing.

So I will keep moving

John Ngong is World Vision South Sudan's Program Manager.