Thursday, January 24, 2019
Baby Friendly Initiatives Improve Child Nutrition in Tana River County
Mothers in Tana River County can now boast of having healthy babies.This is due to the training they received from World Vision on breastfeeding and good nutrition that prevents childhood diseases.
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Women in South Sudan rise against traditional practices that endanger children’s lives
Fleeing from the fighting in Khorfulus County in eastern Nile on 2013, the South Sudanese women in Dengtoma camps thought their future have ended. They have no idea what fate awaited them as they walked for weeks in the bush. Little did they realize that they would find new friends and allies, women who have the same passion to improve the way they raise their children. In short, they found each other.
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August 21st 2018
Breastfeeding Programme Success in Tanzania
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July 26th 2016