Afghan girl in school
Thursday, July 18, 2019
Finding hope in fragile contexts: Afghanistan 17 years on
By Julian Srodecki, Humanitarian Director, World Vision Middle East and Eastern Europe  Cover Photo: Girls in school in rural Afghanistan. Brett Tarver/World Vision  I returned to Afghanistan with many questions. As part of the team that set up World Vision’s work there in 2002, I wanted to see how our work is adapting to the needs of children and their families. 
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A new school with a new approach
From Monday to Friday, the new school in XiengNgeun programme area is filled with happy children who are eager to learn.The new primary school hosts 57 students from grade 1 to grade 5, taught by 5 teachers.A few years ago, teachers in the school followed an age-old teaching style of writing lessons on the blackboard and asking children to copy and memorize them. There were no learning activities, children were not encouraged to ask questions and in consequence did not participate. 
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February 8th 2016
Joey’s story: A wheelchair providing new hope for the future
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November 25th 2015
World Toilet Day - Lacking a loo in Bhojpur
Can you imagine not having a toilet at all? Something that many of us take for granted, would be blessing for millions of people! Meet some brave souls in northern India who have shared their story.2.4 billion people do not have adequate sanitation. 1 billion people still defecate in the open. Poor sanitation increases the risk of disease and malnutrition, especially for women and children. Women and girls risk rape and abuse, because they have no toilet that offers privacy. (United Nations)
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November 18th 2015
Two years after Haiyan: Daniella’s story
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November 3rd 2015
kNOw Hunger Ride
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October 31st 2015
Syrian refugee children face dropping temperatures on their way to Europe
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October 27th 2015
Asmaa's story
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October 19th 2015
Disaster preparedness in typhoon-affected communities
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October 1st 2015
Children share about surviving the Nepal earthquake
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April 30th 2015
World Vision responds in Nepal
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April 27th 2015
"It works, don't wait!"
"I've seen poverty before in my life, but not up close. I've never held its hand, I've never walked into its home… It kind of hurts your soul to see it. It's not fair." Erin Cebula, Reporter/Producer for Entertainment Tonight Canada, traveled to Guatemala where she saw how child sponsorship can transform a community. She says to Canadians who are considering sponsoring a child: "I can tell you with all honestly, I've seen it for myself. It works, don't wait, do it now, you will not regret it."
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April 15th 2015