Tony Rinaudo explains FMNR by tree
Friday, June 14, 2019
To prevent desertification, treat the land like it matters.
Published to mark World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, 17 June 2019.
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Reaching the ‘hardest-to-reach’ children
Six months after her parents were murdered by sadistic rebels, 16-year-old Gloria tells the story as unemotionally as she can – but still ends in tears. She had been sent to fetch water while her family worked on their palm oil plantation in verdant, tropical Erengeti, in the “Grand Nord” of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). On her way back, she saw “men raiding”. Creeping up, she had a clear view of the confrontation between a crowd of armed men and her mother and father.
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August 3rd 2016
Reaching the most vulnerable through cash programmes
It’s a busy day for more than 100 families in Haibung Village Development Committee. They are receiving their cash slips as part of the Conditional Cash Distribution program for vulnerable families.From a female-headed household, Makhamali, age 51, is one of the mothers waiting in line. She has walked for nearly 2 hours to reach the distribution point to collect NPR 7,500 (about USD $70), which she needs to provide for her family’s basic needs.
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April 20th 2016