Our current running grants projects

In Sudan, World Vision operations are funded through donations from private donors and public institutions (such as multilateral organisations), as well as United Nations and government agencies.

Currently, World Vision is implementing nearly 20 Grant-funded projects in East Darfur, South Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan states targeting the most vulnerable displaced persons (both internally and refugees), members of the host communities and families returning to their homes, after years of being away largely due to conflict (commonly referred to as returnees). 

Our projects range from short-term emergency lifesaving projects to multi-year as outlined below: 

Emergency (short-term of maximum a year):

Humanitarian assistance to improve WASH and health services in South Darfur, funded by OFDA (September 2018- August 2019)

  • Budget: US$ 600,000

Emergency lifesaving integrated response (Health, WASH and protection) and livelihoods in Darfur, funded by ECHO (January 2019- December 2019)

  • Budget: US$ 1760,000 

Unlocking literacy in Blue Nile, funded by UNICEF (December 2018 to November 2019)

  • Budget: US$ 297,195

Multi-year-projects (long-term): 

Livelihoods project in Blue Nile state, funded by the European Commission (January 2015- November 2019)

  • Budget: US$ 5,807,543 

Livelihoods project in South Darfur state, funded by the Department for International Development (October 2017- February 2022)- implemented through a consortium

  • Budget: US$ 4,599,532

Livelihoods and agriculture infrastructure in South Darfur state, funded by KfW (June 2018- June 2021)

  • Budget: US$ 11,750,000

Cohesion project in South Darfur, funded by Common Humanitarian Fund-UNDP (January 2018- December 2020)

  • Budget: US$ 659,000

Building community resilience through improve agriculture in South Darfur, funded by BMZ (September 2018- December 2020)

  • Budget: US$ 1,826,000 

Consortium projects:

Joint response WASH project in South Kordofan (January 2019- December 2019) 

  • Budget: US$ 1,822,000 

Multi-sectoral and emergency response for vulnerable communities in South Kordofan funded by CHF-UNDP (January 2019- December 2019)

  • Budget: US$ 637,311

Integrated food security and livelihoods to improve access to food security, WASH, health and nutrition services in Blue Nile funded by CHF-UNDP (January 2019- December 2019)

  • Budget: US$ 2,000,000

Resilience and Recovery projects: 

Building the resilience of women and children in protracted crisis in Blue Nile, funded by Irish Aid (January 2019- December 2020)

  • Budget: US$ 262, 242

Recovery for improved nutrition and growth (Food for Peace project) in Darfur, funded by USAID, (January 2019- December 2019)

  • Budget US$755, 780 

Private funding (also known as Private Non-Sponsorship):  

Small livestock restocking for conflict-affected and displaced persons, implemented in Blue Nile and South Kordofan, funded by World Vision US

  • Budget: US$ 400,000

Improved community-based health and nutrition services in Darfur, funded by World Vision Germany (January 2019- December 2020)

  • Budget: US$ 337,696

Fragile Context Special Fund

  • Budget: US$ 1,160,000

Our donors and partners include:

GAC        -     Global Affairs Canada
DFID        -     Department for International Development
EC            -    European Commission
ECHO      -     European Union Civil Protection
GoG         -    Government of Germany
KFW        -     German Development Bank
BMZ         -    German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development  
Irish Aid    -    Ireland Government
OCHA      -    United Nations Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
OFDA       -    Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance
UNHCR    -    United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNICEF     -   United Nations Children’s Fund
WFP           -   World Food Programme
WHO           -   World Health Organisation
SHF/UNDP -   Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund- United Nations Development Programme