World Vision Timor-Leste


(Haree versaun Tetun iha okos)

A strong start in life

World Vision runs three education projects in Timor-Leste, all with a focus on Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD). Our programmes target children 0-5 years old because early childhood is the best time to give children an opportunity to develop their full potential.

Children who don’t do well when they start school are more likely to go through life with poor skills and low income, and face problems raising  their own children. A review of our work in 2014 showed that 200 children ready to graduate from ECCD centres to primary school were better prepared physically, mentally and academically.

In 2015 WVTL is running 44 ECCD centres in the districts of Aileu, Baucau and Bobonaro where we have over 1800 children enrolled.

Key elements
The key elements of our education programmes are:

  • To work alongside communities so that they can manage their own centres, based in people’s homes or in village meeting places. Last year, we trained an additional 71 volunteers to help teach in these centres.
  • We encourage them to use local materials and resources, whether making toys or teaching children what local foods are available
  • We take a holistic approach to education which means we address not just a child’s need to learn to read and write, but also the need to have nutritious food, early stimulation, a healthy lifestyle and good personal hygiene.
  • Our broad-based approach reaches parents too. We estimate that over 5400 people benefitted from our ECCD projects last year.
  • We work closely with government and other NGOs to help promote early childhood education in Timor-Leste. When our Aileu ECCD projects runs out later this year, the government will take over the 16 centres that we run there.

In 2014, we joined with two other major NGOs, Plan International and ChildFund, to host a two-day forum in Dili on Early Childhood Education. The forum theme was ‘The First Six Years: The Most Important Time of Development in a Child’s Life’. Its aim was to promote early childhood education so that all Timor’s children can enjoy a strong start in life.


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versaun Tetun

Forsa ida hahu iha moris

World Vision hala’o Projetu Edukasaun nian tolu iha Timor Leste, hotu-hotu fokus ba Kuidadu Labarik otas sedu no sira nia dezenvolvimentu. Ami nia tarjetu ba programa mak labarik sira ho otas tinan 0 – 5 tamba labarik sira iha otas sedu mak tempu diak atu fo ba sira oportunidade hodi dezenvolve sira nia potensia tomak.

Labarik sira nebe la konsege hahu eskola ho diak, sei bele hetan iha nia moris,  kiak ba abilidade no menus rendimentu no sei hasoru problema seluk fali ba sira nia labarik sira aban bainrua. Revizaun ida ba ami nia serbisu iha tinan kotuk hatudu katak labarik 200 mak prontu ona atu gradua husi Sentru ECCD nian ba eskola primaria  nebé fizikamente, mentalmente no akademikamente preparadu liu ona.

Iha 2015 ne’e WVTL lao ona ho sentru ECCD hamutuk 44 iha Municipio Aileu, Baucau no Bobonaro iha nebé ami iha labarik sira liu 1800 mak rejistu ona.

Elementu save sira
Elementu save sira husi ami nia programa edukasaun mak:

  • Atu serbisu hamutuk ho komunidade sira nune’e sira rasik mak sei maneija sira nia sentru rasik nebé ho baze iha ema nia uma sira ou iha fatin enkontru sira suku nian. Tinan kotuk, ami treina ona voluntariu sira hamutuk 71 atu ajuda hanorin iha sentru sira.
  • Ami enkoraza sira atu uja material lokal, tantu ba sasan halimar labarik nian nune’e mos hanorin labarik sira ba produtu lokal sira nebe iha.
  • Ami uja aproximasaun holistiku ba edukasaun, ne’e signifika katak ami laos buka hatan deit ba labarik sira oinsa mak atu apriende lé no hakerek, maibe mos ba nesesidade atu iha hahan nebe nutriente, estimulasaun sedu, vida moris saudavel no hijiene pesoal nebe diak.
  • Ami nia aproximasaun jeral mos to’o ba inan aman sira hotu. Ami nia estimasaun katak, ema liu 5400 mak benefisiu husi ami nia projetu ECCD nian iha tinan kotuk.
  • Ami serbisu besik liu ho Governu no NGO sira seluk atu ajuda promove edukasaun ba labarik sira otas sedu. Wainhira ami nia ECCD Aileu nian remata iha tinan ida ne’e, governu sei bele foti no kontinua tau matan ba sentru 16 nebe lao hela dadaun iha neba.

Iha 2014, ami hamutuk ho NGO bo’ot rua seluk, Plan International no Child Fund, organiza forum ida iha Dili durante loron rua konaba Edukasaun Labarik iha Otas Sedu. Tema ba Forum ida neba mak “Tinan 6 ba dahuluk: Tempu importante ida Dezenvolvimentu nian iha Labarik ida nia moris”. Hanoin husi Forum ida neba mak atu promove edukasaun labarik iha otas sedu nune’e Labarik sira Timor oan nian bele goja sira nia moris forti ida iha sira nia moris.