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Our approach to disaster response

The Pacific is experiencing an increase in the frequency and severity of extreme weather events: this is projected to continue. In April 2020, Vanuatu experienced its second Category 5 Tropical Cyclone in five years.

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World Vision supports communities to prepare and respond to disasters through climate resilient agriculture, cyclone resilient shelter techniques, and access to savings and capital, as well as working in close partnership with Provincial Emergency Operations Centres to be resourced to respond to disasters. World Vision works with area councils to support greater inclusion of people with disabilities in disaster response and preparedness plans. 

Tropical Cyclone Harold

In 2020, World Vision has:

  • Supported 1,422 households with 2,844 blankets

  • Given 1,894 tarpaulins to 1,277 households

  • Distributed shelter toolkits to 586 households

  • Provided 1,687 households with specific COVID-19, water sanitation & hygiene and gender and protection awareness messaging.

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