6 Things You Need to Know About South Sudan's Conflict

Six years ago, South Sudan was celebrating its newfound independence. Today, it's children are hungry and scared. How did it come to this?

  1. South Sudan's independence brought an end to a long-running civil war. But two years later, political infighting, land disputes and hunger plunged the world's youngest nation into crisis once again. 

  2. A peace agreement in 2015 was short lived. Since then, South Sudan's children have witnessed extraordinary violence. Many have lost their parents and are fending for themselves. Some young girls are resorting to child marriage as a means of survival.

  3.  Two million people have fled the country; half have sought refuges in Uganda. Another two million are displaced within South Sudan itself. 

  4. More than a million children under age 5 are acutely malnourished. Without help, they will die. 

  5. World Vision is on the ground providing food, water and education. We've also set up interim foster families for separated children and are offering psychosocial support and training refugees as peacebuilders.

  6. South Sudan's children want peace, an education and to see their country prosper.

All are possible. But world leaders must turn promises into action and end violence against South Sudan's children. It takes a world to end violence against children.