Our Work

World Vision Vietnam implements 40 Area Development Programmes (ADP) and 16 grant/special projects in 15 provinces and cities nationwide.

The model of ADP was introduced in 1997 to emphasize on sustainability, community participation and ownership, and to address the macro and micro causes of poverty. An ADP is a 10 to 15-year integrated community development program covering the needy communities in one administrative district. Key priorities of an ADP are livelihoods, social development and community involvement.

Grant/special projects, which last 2-4 years, are funded by grants from governments, multilateral organizations, private companies or individuals. They are often integrated within ADPs, complimenting existing activities yet, respond to specific issues, such as climate change which increases communities’ vulnerability.

Through ADPs and grant/special projects, World Vision Vietnam strives that:

1. Children enjoy good health

2. Children are educated for life

3. Children are loved and love others

4. Children are cared for, protected and participating