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Duy's Story

Duy is now in third grade. Every month he disappears from school for 3 to 5 days. On those days, Duy does not go to school, Duy does not play with his friends, Duy does not stay at home... Watch the video to know more about Duy's story! #MostVulnerableChildren#TreEmDeBiTonThuongNhat#WorldVisionVietnam



Ha Anh Tuan on The Importance of Ending Violence against Children

Of 2.2 billion children in the world today, 1.7 billion are affected by violence. Please join hands with World Vision and Goodwill Ambassador Hà Anh Tuấn to create healthy living and studying environment where all children are loved and nurtured without any sign of violence.

#ITAW #PhysicalPunishmentIsNotAnActOfLove #EndingViolenceAgainstChildren



 IT TAKES A WORLD - Launch Event

A brief video of World Vision Vietnam's "It takes a world" campaign launch event (22 November 2017)

#ITAW #EndingViolenceAgainstChildren




IT TAKES A WORLD - Ending Physical Violence against Children at Home and School

Physical punishment is not an act of love. Watch It Takes a World campaign's video to learn more about how violence marks children forever.

#ITAW #DonRoiKhongPhaiLaYeuThuong #PhysicalPunishmentIsNotAnActOfLove



 IT TAKES A WORLD - Campaign's Song "The Best Thing in Life"

"The best thing in life" is the official song of World Vision Vietnam's Five-Year campaign "It Takes a World to End Physical Violence against Children at Home and School". The song was first introduced to the public in the launch event of the campaign, which took place on November 22th, 2017 in Hanoi.

"The best thing in life" portrays a lively picture of the situation of physical violence against children as well as the prospect of a violence-free world where all children are protected, cared for, and loved.

Composed by: Ta Quang Thang

Performed by: musician Ta Quang Thang, singer Ha Anh Tuan, and the children from World Vision Vietnam's Areas Programs

#ITAW #PhysicalPunishmentIsNotAnActOfLove #DonRoiKhongPhaiLaYeuThuong



World Vision Vietnam - 30th Year Anniversary

For 30 years, World Vision has been supporting Vietnam to ensure the well-being of its children. Motivated by the brighter futures we envision for the needy children we serve, we pursue ONE VISION where all children have an equal chance, to reach their full potential in a safe, nurturing environment.




The model was recognized and included in the Prime Minister-approved National Action Program on Promoting Child Participation for the period of 2016-2020. Learn more




World Vision Vietnam focuses on protecting children from injury, including disaster risk mitigation and climate change adaptation. Learn more





To help protect the environment, Ly’s family and her close friend’s one are using green energy with biogas and rice-husk stoves with World Vision’s support. Her parents have also applied the bio-bedding method, an environment-friendly approach, for raising chickens combined with gardening. Learn more




11-year-old San, 5th grader, tells about how his parents have applied the natural farming method with World Vision’s support for raising pig, producing biogas and planting rice to help protect the environment. Such livelihood supports enable San’s parents not only to support their family, but also to pay for their children’s education. Learn more 




Anh, 12, lives with his parents and two siblings in a coastal area where the sandy land used to be unproductive. With World Vision’s support Anh’s parents, Dzung and Hong, received training to practice sustainable agriculture with ecological farming. Learn more