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World Humanitarian Day 2023



When lives are on the line. When disaster strikes. When children are starving.  

Humanitarians are there. 

Today we celebrate them for providing aid, food, shelter and protection in some of the world’s most dangerous places. 

#NoMatterWhat #WorldHumanitarianDay 

Humanitarian Voices.


Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a whole community to help people in need. In an emergency, the first people to respond are always crisis-affected people themselves. We take a moment to reflect on  community leaders, volunteers, faith leaders, community health workers, and others  who work for and with World Vision to the benefit of vulnerable children around the world who work for and with World Vision to the benefit of vulnerable children around the world.

The effects of conflict, climate change, and the ongoing indirect socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19 are interacting to wreak havoc in the lives of individuals and communities while also creating new and worsening existing hunger hotspots, reversing gains families had made to escape poverty, and escalating the need for humanitarian assistance and humanitarian workers. 

Today we celebrate humanitarians like Mary.

World Vision's Global Hunger Response Director Mary Njeri shares insights into her career at World Vision, and her experiences in the field.

"I applaud good neighbours who have gone out of their way to share the small they have with those most in need. To me these are the first line humanitarians and remind me of the Good Samaritan, in the Bible, who went out of his way to help a person in need, though he was from a very different ethnicity, culture and religion. He did this without caring who got to know of his actions, whether the person helped would be grateful or what was in it for him. This is the true humanitarian."

World Vision Humanitarians in Action.

Here’s how World Vision and our partners are responding:


In 2022, 157 million people were reached with at least one form of aid; that is 50 million more than in 2021. World VIsion reached 29.6 million people; roughly 18% of global total. Of those 14 million are children. 

In just over three years,  we have reached almost 85 million people providing humanitarian assistance. 

In South Sudan, our emergency assistance in response to the hunger crisis has reached 2.15 million people in 21 counties, providing them with food and lifesaving assistance. 

Amid the surging violence in Democratic Republic of Congo, World Vision has delivered emergency food to thousands of survivors, who had fled their homes. In partnership with World Food Programme, we have distributed emergency food rations to more than 18,700 people.

We have been responding to the needs of children in emergencies for more than 70 years 

Meet Tejan, a child advocate with World Vision Sierra Leone, who discusses Climate Change and Hunger



World Vision staff helping a sick child in a community

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