A water spring now saves hundreds of lives

One of the benefits of improving water and sanitation is how its impact can later develop health conditions of the people. Water remains a pillar of human hygiene. This has prompted World Vision Tanzania to continue strengthening its interventions in Water, and Sanitation Hygiene to ensure water accessibility, affordability and safety.

Residents at Ibaraizibu village, Karera region have a story of joy to share with the world following World Vision’s intervention.  The villagers depended water from a village spring in the mountains. As World Vision Tanzania's Lweru Area Program comes to an end, smiles are left behind.

“The spring was not properly maintained, water came from a spring and it was not clean and useful for human. It was open and contaminated.” Says Grace Mshanja, a community health worker.

Grace adds that ‘‘after drinking this water, many people especially children suffered from severe diarrhoea and other waterborne diseases’’

‘‘We are now happy and safe with our children. Word Vision built a conducive water infrastructure around the water source. It is now contained and closed that water does not get contaminated. Water is now safe for our health.  Narrates Grace.

With the building of infrastructure, Grace believes that the water source will be sustainable. “It would have been destroyed a long time ago if not for the work of World Vision” Explains Grace

‘‘We have forgotten water problems in our village and so we are committed to protecting the water source. In my family we use this water for my cows, gardening and other domestic uses, says Grace with a huge smile.