Pich beats malnutrition

How do you solve malnutrition? Programmes like cooking nutritious porridge for children and pregnant women.

  • 32% Prevalence of stunting (moderate and severe) in Cambodia (CDHS)
  • Under-Five mortality rate: 38 per 1,000 live births (WHO)

In Cambodia, 1 in 3 children are malnourished, which is alarming and needs urgent attention. Malnutrition in children impairs physical and cognitive growth and development. Depending on the severity and duration of malnutrition it can lead to wasting or stunting in children. Wasting is the result of a combination of sudden shortage of food, bad feeding practices and repeated illness. Stunting is the result of persistent malnutrition and is usually irreversible after two years of age. Children who are stunted are less likely to perform well in school, are less resistant to infection and disease, and are likely to be less productive as adults. Stunting has a negative impact on physical and cognitive development.

Photos by Chetra Ten