3,409 Households Affected by Flooding in Kampong Speu and South Phnom Penh

Tropical Storm Aere has brought heavy rains resulting in floods along the Prek Thmout River, south of Phnom Penh. Heavy rain in the Aurol Mountain area has casued several earth bank dams to fail. Water stored in these dams, for irrigation in the coming dry season, has overflown into the river, which is already at high levels, and has caused floods in southern Phnom Penh and Kampong Speu.

As of October 19, 2016, according to Humanitarian Response Forum’s situation report, at least 3,409 households affected by flooding. 1,193 households in Southern Phnom Penh Dangkor District, and 2,216 households in Kampong Speu. This means approximately 15,000 people are battling the floods, either having to abandon their homes or stay and try rescue what they can.

"We are working hard to raise awareness of the hazard of electricity, diarrhea, and drowning", Socheat added, stating that World Vision's focus during any emergency is the safety and well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable.

Four designated safety areas, on surrounding hills, have been identified in the affected areas. However, many families have not gone to the safety areas yet. Some choosing to stay at their relative's house instead. Some, who live on elevated areas, are still in their home.

Socheath So, World Vision's Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs Manager, says, "The flood situation at this stage is serious. We are working together with our partners in the Humanitarian Response Forum and the Government to understand the overall situation of the flood, and set action to respond to the immediate needs of the affected communities." 

World Vision and several other organisations have commenced response activities in affected areas. World Vision is a member of Humanitarian Response Forum (HRF), a network of United Nations (UN) agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), and international organisations (IOs), engaged in emergency preparedness and humanitarian response in Cambodia.

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